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Wednesday, June 06, 2001 8:58 PM

hello everyone!
i am in another internet cafe in beijing. this one is very large and very nice. air conditioned, although still lots of smokers. this trip has been fantastic. the mornings we attend lectures, one hour given by the americans and one by the chinese. then, the afternoon are sightseeing and shopping. yesterday, we went to behai park and it was wonderful.

we are staying in a 2 star hotel in the north east of beijing. two stars, as compared to the expensive business traveller hotels in downtown that have the hard rock cafe's, tgi friday's and kfc restaurants! i'll take my 2 star hotel, any day. one morning, a few ladies and i went out running near the hotel. instead of going towards the main road, we went the opposite way. we ran into a small village by the lake. the contrast was so great. very traditional village. families living in houses, but also selling breakfast out front. again, the contrast here is great because there are so much changes!!

this afternoon, we are going to the silk market. i have hardly bought anything, as i am waiting for this market and also for shops in chengdu and xi'an at the second part of the trip.

we leave for chengdu on monday. i have been chosen to make a speech on behalf of the american students at the university upon our arrival. kind of nervous!! we are going to tian'anmen square tomorrow. great wall the next day. the summer palace, the lama temple!! so much to do.

the group is really great. we are all getting along and it is really fun.

well, again, i don't know if i will have another chance to get to a cyber cafe, but i miss you all and love you all.
hope all is well!